Retention Policy

The provision of a Special Needs team and a range of other resources in the school provide considerable support for pupils with learning difficulties from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. The level of provision available should enable pupils to make progress in keeping with their needs and abilities and to move consecutively through the different class levels in our school in keeping with their peers. 
Regulations governing the retention of pupils in Primary Schools is outlined in the Department of Education Circular 11/01.
  • The Primary School Curriculum is designed as an eight year course, including a two year infant cycle followed by six years in standards from first to sixth: with children progressing to the next grade at the end of each school year.
  • As a rule, a pupil should not be retained in an infants class beyond the 30th June next following the date on which he/she has
    (a)    been enrolled in the school for one and a half years
    (b)   reached the age of six and a half years, whichever is earlier.
  • The promotion of pupils to the next standard will normally take place at the beginning of the school year.
  • The principal, may following consultation with the class teacher, Special Education Teachers and parents of the pupil conclude that a pupil would benefit educationally by being retained for a second year in a class. A record outlining the educational basis for the decision to retain a child in class for a second year will be kept for any pupil so retained (Appendix B).
  • Usually Retention of pupils will take place only in third and fourth standard
  • No pupil will be held back for longer than one year throughout his/her national school career.
  • Pupils who completed sixth class in another Primary School are not accepted for enrolment in our school.